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About Bloom's Creations

The ability to take some blank piece of paper or wood and create a piece of art that you can stand in your yard, sit on your porch or hang on your gate is simply magical. Look at what we have done with these holiday-time outdoor Christmas decorations


In 2009, I had the coolest opportunity to create and hand paint 40  -  8’ soldiers to line a long driveway, that led up to an up-scale garden center, in Illinois.  They didn’t stop there. They wanted items to stand amongst their landscaping plants, so their customers would wander through everything they had to offer and find these painted creations hiding around and behind the foliage.  Then they wanted multiples because customers wanted to buy them for their yards. I became hooked.


But two problems arose:

1) We created everything on 3/4 plywood that we primed for exterior use and used exterior paints and also used an exterior sealer.  Sounds great, right?  But the quality didn’t last.  The snow and rain became our enemy.  No matter how we sealed, prepped, and finalized our designs the wood would swell and the designs would fade or crack.

2) Shipping was expensive due to the weight of the 3/4 plywood.


We have been researching and researching and researching (did I mention we researched a lot) what would be a great product, that we could sell, so that our customers would be able to get many years of enjoyment, without the problems above.  


We have found it! Our thanks and gratitude goes to our favorite son-in-law. (our only son-in-law, but still our favorite!)  He was hired by a large bussing company to wrap their buses with art.  Danny introduced us to the exterior vinyl and aluminum core board. 


We now take our original designs, have them printed on exterior vinyl, and adhere them to aluminum core board.

We are so blessed to have found this combination.  The aluminum core board will not rust or swell with snow or water.  The exterior printed vinyl is made to withstand the sun and weather conditions.  So we can now say with confidence that our product will give you many years of enjoyment.  


If you need to place an order or have a question, please feel free to call our Office Phone: 810-310-1465

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